We can’t expect everybody to go back to school to learn about climate change. So we are  inventing new ways of learning, easily accessible to everybody, and powerful enough to get the message across.


Step one: Climate literacy app

Before you can change your behavior for the better, you have to know where you can improve. To help people realize which of their actions are actually impacting the climate, we have developed eight app-based quizzes which allows them to test their knowledge about climate and climate change, and to assess their day-to-day activities in terms of climate-friendliness. Are they a climate hero or a rascal? In a fun and accessible way, players get tips on how to reduce their impact on the climate, and are encouraged to learn more about the topic through the self-teaching modules.

Step two: Self-teaching modules

Eight modules, centered around eight different themes connected to climate change, were developed especially for this project. The modules were conceived as accessible self-teaching tools, to allow adults without any scientific background to learn more about climate change and what they can do about it from the comfort of their own home.

For ease of learning, each module is divided into three to four units, and each unit is followed by a short self-test. References and materials for further reading are also included.

Step three: Collection of learning activities

Inspired by the self-teaching modules, 64 learning activities were developed to assist teachers in bringing the topic of climate change into their classroom. The activities were chosen to cover a broad range of subjects; they include biology, natural sciences, social sciences, language, …

Result: a true horizontal approach

The combined approach of the app, the self-teaching modules, and the learning activities for teachers ensures that the topic of climate change can be introduced in a fun and accessible way to both adults and youth. Thus, this project achieves its goal of creating climate literate people, who take matters into their own hands.